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Join our ongoing cohort of creators in the movement for new educational sanctuaries!

As more families are seeing what is wrong with our public education system and are seeking alternatives, many communities are coming together to form their own farm schools, forest schools, homeschool pods and holistic learning centers.

This program is designed to evolve The 12 steps dance with geometry and numerology while giving detailed frameworks to implement planning, fundraising, bringing in the community, developing programs, conflict resolution and curriculum planning. For those who’ve already set on the path of starting a learning center or those just starting out, we will provide key elements and templates to support you in your implementation of an effective and sustainable educational project.

Through 12 modules, called steps, we guide you from inspiration to the day you open your doors and beyond.  We recommend self pacing this course at least 12 weeks for adequate integration.

Included in the course:

*  The 12 steps with in depth processes for developing educational practices with a focus on your community and your vision for supporting a local, sustainable educational program

*  1-on-1 coaching calls

*  Access to our telegram cohort channel for emergent questions and sharing of experiences

*  Opportunity to join in-person Sacred Threads Workshops, Wayfinders Sanctuary Workshops, teacher trainings.

Steps to sign up:

*  Fill out the Program Application Form

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*  Launch your Learning Center in 12 Steps is a college-level course offering a deep intensive of the many steps and aspects of launching your own Leaning Center.  It is a compilation of many first-hand experiences of going through this process, and the many aspects of skills, resources, trainings, usable templates and consulting for taking the steps to launch your own Learning Center.  The course is a contribution of $1500 to Alighten.